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The role of a police constable can be demanding but it's that variety which makes it one of the most rewarding jobs around. Every day, presents a new challenge, you'll deal with different situations ensuring public order is maintained, at all times.

You'll be responsible for protection of life and property as well as prevention and detection of crime. Working as part of a close team, you’ll help to serve and protect the diverse communities and businesses of Kent. 

Join #TeamKent as a police officer and you'll receive a starting salary of £25,582, rising to £42,128 within your first 7 years.

Note: As of April 1 2020, the South East allowance has increased to £2,500 and the starting salary is £25,582.

What to expect

Police constable training programme will run for 19 weeks at our training college in Maidstone, Kent.

The training programme will include practical scenarios covering over 120 pieces of legislation and weekly physical training sessions. You’ll be required to sit two exams (3hr exam) as well as numerous tests and knowledge checks. Within the first week of training you’ll complete a six day diversity module which will include a visit to a place of worship and a two day placement within the local community.

After 19 weeks, student constables will be tutored on LDPT (local policing team) for 10 weeks before returning to the training college for a week, to cover case-file preparation and other investigative modules. You’ll then move onto the Investigative development module for 12 weeks and cover prisoner handling, interviewing and case-file preparation.

Very high standards of dress, behaviour and attitude are enforced by our training college. Student constables will also be required to complete work outside training hours. 

After successfully completing your probationary period* you could progress in one of the following roles/areas:

  • CID officer (criminal Investigation)
  • Sexual offences investigation team
  • Vulnerability investigation team
  • Firearms officer
  • Dog handler
  • Traffic/Roads Policing officer
  • Community safety unit
  • Major crime
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Undercover/Covert investigation 
  • Police officer training 

Many more opportunities are available. 

*Probation period for student constables is 2 years.

Could you be #MoreThanThe Badge

Am I eligible to apply?

Requirements to become a police officer:

  • I'm an EEA or Swiss National*
  • I've lived in the UK continuously for the last 3 years**
  • I'm 17 years old (or older). If you are 17, you can go through the recruitment and selection process, but will not receive an offer of employment until you have turned 18
  • I hold a full UK manual driving licence (with 6 points or less on it)
  • View the pending age requirements application if you are not yet 18 to start the application process
  • I haven't applied, and been unsuccessful, to join any police force in the last 6 months
  • I don't have any tattoos or piercings which cause offence, are excessive or deemed unprofessional
  • I'm not registered bankrupt or subject to CCJs or IVAs (IVAs will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • Any previous criminal convictions or cautions (including those spent), fixed penalty notices, traffic offences or any involvement with the police must be declared and they may affect your application. 

If you have any questions regarding vetting, please see our vetting guidance

*Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals can also apply if you have leave to enter or remain in the UK for indefinitely and you're free of restrictions. 
**Not applicable if you've been serving abroad with the British Armed Forces.

Medical standards

Visit HM Government for detailed information on medical standards including which illnesses, injuries and disorders will affect your ability to perform the role of a police officer. 

You can also view the latest guidance on eyesight standards for police officer recruitment.

To pass the second stage of eligibility requirements you must be able to say 'Yes' to one of the below:


  • I have an academic or vocational qualification gained outside England and Wales which is considered by the UK National Recognition Information Centre to be equal to 2 A levels
    • If you are due to finish studies soon you may be eligible to apply now - view pending qualifications section.


  • I've served in the military, armed forces or similar law enforcement agency, have successfully completed the minimum term of service (usually 4 years but exceptional cases of shorter periods may be considered) and have achieved an exemplary reference on discharge


  • I currently hold a valid level 3 certificate in knowledge of policing.


  • If you are a serving special constable who joined after 1 January 2015, you are required to achieve independent patrol status, complete your level 3 diploma, knowledge and understanding elements and receive sign-off from your respective special constable co-ordinator before being eligible to apply for the role of police constable, unless you hold the requisite qualifications.
    • If you are a serving special constable who joined prior to 1 January 2015, you must have obtained independent patrol status and have sign-off from your respective special constable co-ordinator. 


  • I'm a serving Kent Police community support officer and have completed 2 years’ service* (see below).


  • I'm a serving Kent Police staff member and have passed my probationary period. I've also passed any specific contractual terms and have the support of my senior management team** (see below).

Read a comprehensive list of the qualifications we accept from people applying to become a police officer. To check if your qualification is recognised as being 'Level 3', use the Register of Regulated Qualifications website


*If you're a PCSO for Kent Police and applying under any other eligibility criteria, you cannot progress to appointment until you've completed 2 years’ service as a PCSO.

**If you're currently a member of our staff you must contact HR Services on 01245 452833 to check you're eligible to apply for this round of recruitment before starting your application.  

As part of the national recruitment process, we consider applications from individuals who achieve an overall pass mark of 50% or above.

If you are interested in a career with us, we are currently accepting transfer of SEARCH result. We will also accept a 'day one' pass result. 

If you have

  • attended a SEARCH assessment within the last 12 months
  • met the national standard of 50% or above, and
  • have achieved an overall score of at least 50% in the written assessment, then we would be happy to consider an expression of interest from you.

    If you are interested in your results being transferred, then please email the recruitment team and attach your confirmed SEARCH results. The recruitment team will then contact you and advise on the next stages of the process.

    Please note we are unable to accept transfer of results from applicants that have failed at local force interview or pre-employment checks.

One of the requirements of the police assessment process is to pass a fitness test. This means achieving level 5.4 on the 'bleep test'.
Find out more on the College of Policing website.

You may have questions that are more specific to your health - please take a look at our health and fitness FAQ's in relation to recruitment.

Being a police constable isn’t for everyone. It is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding but it is also very rewarding. Because of this you need to ensure that you are right for this role.

This tool helps you to explore your suitability for the role of police constable and to make a reasonably informed decision about whether to submit an application for the role of a police constable.

Please note the pre-application serves as a guide rather than a definitive statement about your suitability and is not compulsory. You can take part now.

If you're eligible to apply please look at our current recruitment process during this time to find out your next steps.

To prepare for the National Assessment Centre (SEARCH) please look at the College of Policing candidate handbook and their pre-read information. To prepare for the virtual interview that will be taking place, please take a look at the following guidance.

View our frequently asked questions within our recruitment FAQs about the process to ensure you have all of the correct information to hand.

If you need some help with your application, then come along to our pre-application workshops. Our workshops will offer you the chance to find out more about the recruitment and selection process for your preferred career - view our next workshop dates.

There are other opportunities for you to join us if you aren't eligible for the PC role, with opportunities within our special constabulary and force control room.

Apply online

Make sure you've read the job specification and competencies framework before starting your application.

The application form will require you to fill in your personal details and will give you the option to submit ethnic and disability details.

In addition we will ask you what your motivations are to become a police officer and what preparation you have undertaken before applying. In this section, we expect you to provide a detailed response including your reason and motivations for applying, what your understanding is and expectations are of joining us as a police officer and finally any research and/or actions you have undertaken to help better prepare you for life as a police officer.

Please utilise the word count provided in your application and also please note that your spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed.

If you could be #MoreThanTheBadge then complete your application now:

Apply online with a new application.