Have you considered transferring to Kent Police as a special constable?

We welcome applications from candidates who are interested in transferring to Kent Special Constabulary with independent and non-independent status. You should have a passion for keeping Kent a safe place to live, work and visit and are committed to the role of a Special Constable.

You are eligible to transfer to Kent Special Constabulary if you are a serving Special Constable and have a record of satisfactory performance. You will be required to undergo certain elements of the recruitment process.

Transferee process

We encourage transferee applications from serving Special Constables you will be required to complete a short application from and attend a competency based interview. Subject to confirmation of your satisfactory performance you will complete a fitness test and medical assessment and you will be subject to vetting and reference checks.

You will be required to attend an induction weekend and any training needs will be addressed locally on your division. You will also be invited to a re-attestation ceremony at a local Magistrates Court and you will receive your warrant card with a new force number.

If you are a serving Special Constable and would like to transfer to Kent Police, you can apply now.